[Spiritual SoundBite] Dream…Dare You?

I enjoy doing things that scare me. I don’t enjoy the “scary” aspect of it but I do enjoy tackling the part of it that feels scary. I’m not talking about bungee jumping or free falling out of a plane…although those adventures would certainly help tackle my fear of heights. I suppose when I say scary, it’s something that challenges and stretches me beyond my comfort zone.


I think it always starts out as a desire: whether it’s a desire to paint, play music, dance, or travel to a foreign place. There’s something inside of me that wants to do it but I resist it due to my own self-judgments and criticisms or for the fear of making a fool of myself and chancing ridicule from others. Recently a teacher of mine said, “Fear comes in the form of better judgment.” How many times have you talked yourself out of trying something or have let others convince you it was not a good idea? Have you noticed that others don’t seem to have a problem unloading their own fears onto you? They may not intend to discourage you, but the sight of you going for your dreams reminds them of their lack of courage to go for their own. They may truly worry about you getting hurt and advise you of reasons not to do it, but this just causes more harm because it makes you second guess your dreams when they’re the one who’s not ready to tackle their own yet. So keep your dreams to yourself. Share it with those whom you trust and who believe in you and can truly encourage you.


“Do or do not…there is no try.”




Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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