Living Meaningfully…Powerfully…WholeHeartedly

This pretty much sums up how I feel about life. It’s not always easy but these reminders such as: “Become the hero of your heart” and “Enter your mind and look to replace a moment of regret with a moment of choice” are powerful yet simple concepts and approaches about how we choose to live our life.

I remember hearing spiritual teacher and author Carolyn Myss say that the ultimate betrayal is betrayal to ourselves and that every choice you make is either depleting you or enhancing you. We must make choices that empower us and that are in alignment with who we are, our spirit, and our purpose.

Here is a poem I found and wanted to share this inspiration with you:

Source: written by to not miss the bliss

Use more than imagination
You have a body
To put life in action
Demonstrate your words
Through creating ever lasting
Moments of inspiration
Bring the change we’ve all been asking for
Wishing for
Prove that you can rise up off this sullen floor
Life’s too short to live it like a bore
Become the hero of your heart and more
People will follow once they see that you’ve sworn
To grow and encourage others
Moving forward, but without the scorn
As if you were born to be a conduit of Love
Remember there is no defined purpose
Only choices that resurface
In the ever continuing moments of time and space
Enter your mind and look to replace
A moment of regret with a moment of choice
A life of fret is an injustice to those without a voice
Taken by death, unable to read these words
Forever gone to the existing world
But not in our hearts

For we sing for those who lived
Those who died
We remember because WE ARE ALIVE
So don’t just cry
Match those tears with laughter beside
Let gratitude overwhelm you
For the ground below a stunning sky
Appreciate our lows along with the ecstatic highs
Take this moment to recognize
The responsibility of being alive
Is to appreciate the world
While it’s your turn to wake and rise


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