Dedicated to all my fellow Yoga Teachers & Yogis in this Lifetime

[Excerpt from journal written in Mt. Shasta August 2013 during Tim Miller’s Ashtanga retreat]

…never would I have thought that I am a yogi in this lifetime. What a trip.
As a child, how would I have ever even thought of being This in the world?…that my dharma would be that of “teacher” but in the metaphysical philosophical world? To teach and share this wisdom that is inherent in all of us but that we all must return to. All the voices & authoritative figures that have strayed away from the heart and that have led us astray. How would I have ever guessed that I would be teaching, sharing, and writing about how to go home to yourself?

The soul’s natural habitat
that is inherent in all of us
just like the trees
they just be and grow exactly where they are
without questioning it.

Don’t question yourself.
Trust your intuition, your heart,
and be…
and do…
you are perfect as you are.

Come home.
You deserve to be happy.
You deserve to be comfortable.
You deserve your heart’s desire.

I am a yogi in this lifetime intrigued by living and speaking my truth.
Inspired by loved ones. In awe by the beauty that surrounds me.
And grateful for each breath I’m blessed to have.


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