[Spiritual SoundBite] on Suffering…its Nusances, Necessities, and Niceties

Heartache is awful and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy (in case you were wondering what happened to the sudden disappearance of these newsletters). I’m thankful to now feel like I made it over “to the other side” but little did I know when I wrote the last Spiritual SoundBite, “Exhale…and Ease Into It” that it would be advice for myself. It has recently dawned on me that so much of my yoga practice feels like a practice of suffering. Or perhaps it’s better to say that it is a practice in easing suffering. Every morning I enter the studio and my fellow Ashtangis and I are devoted to folding, twisting, bending, and stretching into positions that can be intensly uncomfortable. We opt in…we choose to do this…and we come back for more. But why? Why do we devote ourselves every morning to almost 90 minutes (or more) of suffering?

Suffering is inevitably a part of life. In some way, shape, or form, mild or extreme, we will at some point in our lives, experience pain. It certainly isn’t a way of life…just a part of it. And one thing I know for sure is that no matter how hard it gets and no matter how hard it feels…it is only temporary. When things get hard, our minds want to escape. Panic and fear sets in and all we want to do is run.

But the best thing we could possibly do in those difficult moments is to truly allow ourselves to feel it and lean into it. It is very humbling and sooner or later, you realize there is no way around it. You must face yourself and your fears. In order to get “to the other side” we must be honest with ourselves. We must acknowledge what is happening in the moment and surrender to it by leaning into it no matter how icky it may feel, all the while lovingly reminding ourselves that this is only temporary. This is in and of itself, a true practice of peace and compassion for oneself. And when we can practice this for ourselves, then we will naturally extend peace and compassion to others.

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