[Spiritual SoundBite] Exhale…and Ease Into It (written on April 18, 2014)

Keep breathing steadily.

Exhale and ease into it.

(This is what I have to remind myself)

Don’t resist it. It’ll just make it more uncomfortable.

Lean into the discomfort.

Don’t force anything.


Granted, I’m saying this to myself when my teacher is trying to help me put my legs behind my head and cross at the ankles. Every part of me does not want to feel the dicomfort that comes with it. But there is no way around it. It’s part of my daily yoga practice and I must accept it.


Today was probably the first day I gracefully accepted my fate. And guess what? The breathing, staying relaxed and calm, and completely surrending my body into the posture worked!


I used to start out the pose already mentally dreading it: I’d wince into it, my eyes and face scrunched up while wiggling my legs and arms into position…my body bracing itself in what may be somewhat of a pre-panic mode, knowing what is about to come and what I’m about to make it do.


But today, I took it easy on myself. I didn’t fight it. I didn’t cause any tension in myself mentally or physically. I stayed calm, kept my breath long and steady, and surrendered and relaxed into it.


It was the first time I was comfortable in one of the most uncomfortable positions I can every imagine anyone in.


…and this is what I have to remind myself of when I am in any discomfort or difficult positions in life: Lean into it. Don’t run away or resist it. Just accept it and stay with it. Breathe into it. I have more power than I really think I do. My breath will carry me through this and I have the power to ease into it with grace.  Image


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