Restoring Faith in Humanity–One Poop Bag at a Time

I decided to take Duke for a brief walk after I picked him up from his bath at Woof Boutique in Atwater. We were enjoying our walk, especially with the pleasant sight of purple jacaranda flowers sprinkled on the sidewalks of the residential street and the warmth of the sun shining on us.

We walked a few feet and he did his poop squat. I thought to myself, “Oh shoot, I forgot his poop bag in the car. No worries, we’ll just walk back to the car and I’ll drive back here and pick it up.” Just in that moment, a man walks out of his apartment. We make eye contact as he passes us. I saw a bag like item in his hand and thought of asking him for an extra bag, but decided to go with my original plan instead.

When Duke finished, we started to continue on, and to my surprise, I hear a dismayed voice a few feet away that yelled, “Aren’t you forgetting something?!” …and it was the man that passed by us a few seconds earlier. I looked at him and saw the judgmental scowl on his face. “Oh! I forgot his bag in the car but I’m coming back to pick it up,” I apologetically explain. And he cynically responds with,”Yah, right!…that’s just wrong.” I get upset that he doesn’t believe me, and I unexpectedly hear myself firing back with, “You wanna wait here and watch me come back?!” But he has already turned his back on me and starts to walk away. Again, I surprise myself and fire out a “Fuck you” (not proud of that) that’s maybe loud enough for him to hear…maybe not.

Duke and I walk back to the car and I drive to the sight of the incident. The man is no where to be seen. I get out of the car, proudly pick up Duke’s poop, knotted the bag, and decided to responsibly place the poop bag in front of the guy’s place.

Yes, you heard me right….I placed the bag of poop in front of his place.

I felt the need to restore his faith in humanity. Such cynicism about people and the world can’t possibly feel good. Not everyone lies and quite possibly, you can take strangers’ words at face value.

I’m just sorry it took a poop bag to get the message across.


2 thoughts on “Restoring Faith in Humanity–One Poop Bag at a Time

  1. Great. Shit-bag vandalism justified by the pain of being criticized. All in the name of restoring our faith in humanity. No thanks.

    • Greg…I know you’ve made comments on my blog before and I just never responded.
      If you don’t like what you see, don’t read it. And if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.
      You’re IP address shows up and I know it’s you, “Misteryoga” and “Yoga Guy”.
      I hope you find peace and I wish the best for you.

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