[Spiritual SoundBIte] Eek! The Imposter Is Outing Herself…

Within the last year, I’ve enrolled in classes that I didn’t feel like I belonged in. I felt and saw myself as an imposter. An outsider looking in. A researcher in the field gathering data. Having this mindset made it less scary for me. As long as I wasn’t identified with it, there wasn’t anything at stake and I had nothing to lose. It was all just for fun and to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone, I told myself. Or was it?


Many of these were classes I NEVER would have thought of taking. Things I never in a million years thought I’d be doing: acting, writing, dancing, and now singing!? They’re all opposite of what I was raised to think I was supposed to be and supposed to do.


Who am I?

And why do I feel the need to suddenly do these things?


In fact, writing and telling you all of this right now, feels as if I’m “outing” myself. First of all, I suppose I don’t really have to tell you anything. But the fact is, you’re relying on me to be truthful about my experiences—it is after all what what drives me to write these things to you. And secondly, through all of these shenanigans, they’ve challenged me to see “me” differently; ultimately forcing myself to ask,


Who Am I Really?


Through all of these classes, it’s made me realize that it’s difficult to distinguish between life and art. They are pretty much one and the same.


We are all living art

and life itself is a work of art.

In order to do it, your heart has to be behind it.

You have to be true to yourself.

And you must fall in love with it.

That is how, you, the artist will show up.



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