Can You See *** As It Is?

Surrender (v): To exhale. To release. To let go. To relax. To give in to what is. To accept.

That is my definition of Surrender. What’s yours?

 Think of recent things you’ve encountered that may have upset you or caused unpleasantness. For me, it’s the difference between what’s actually happening versus what I want to happen. Is that car in front of me driving slow? Or are am I just in a rush? Is the house really a mess? Or do I just like things a certain way? Why can’t I stretch as far as I did yesterday? Oh, maybe I just need to accept where I am today and breathe into it.

 I surrender to what is.

I am That.

So Hum.

 Breathe in and hear the sound “So” and as you breathe out, hear the sound “Hum”. It’s a breathing meditation that allows us to focus on the sound of our breath, to help quiet the mind, and after a while, you’ll feel yourself blending into everything else until you become one with everything. There is no separation.

If we can close the gap to the perceived differences we think there are between ourselves and others, we can bring compassion and service to those who need it. We are all not so different after all: we are made mostly of space, we all need and want to be loved, and we all want to be seen as we truly are.

 I see You.

I honor You.



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