Found my peeps!

Since last year I’ve been wanting to go to the Culver City drum circle. But every time the last Saturday of the month arrived I had something planned. Well finally I got to join the group this past Saturday.

I was a bit nervous having to walk into existing dynamics, not knowing if I’d play my djembe “good enough”, or just like joining any new group…wondering if I’d be accepted.

It’s usually held outdoors in the park where The Actor’s Gang theatre is but due to rain, it was moved over to Makita Martial Arts studio just down on Washington.

I parked the car and immediately heard the sounds of drumming and followed it. I arrived to a group of happy drummers in the midst of a rhythmic beat. It made me take a deep breath. A feeling of relief and comfort came over me: these are my peeps! Kindred spirits.

It was the same feeling I had when I went to my first peace rally.

The power of music speaks to us at such a soulful level. I was connecting with everyone without ever having to speak a word…an energetic intimacy that is experienced whilst in the moment.

I left feeling *alive* and *invigorated*…I will definitely be seeing those soulful kindred peeps again!


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