My Favorite Things that my Yoga Teacher Said to Me This Week:

Me: Will back bends ever get easier?

Him: No. They don’t. Because you can always go deeper until your head touches your butt.

Me: In Supta Kurmasana I feel like my collar bones are going to crack in half.

Him: Yes. That’s normal. I used to feel like my sternum was going to break. But don’t worry, it just feels that way…we won’t actually break your collar bones.

Me: In Padmasana, my left knee is off the ground.

Him: Yes. Most people don’t have a perfect lotus pose where both their knees are on the ground. They say it takes 40 years to get into a full lotus position.

Me: My backbends feel overwhelming today…I feel like my sternum and rib cage are intensely opening.

Him: Yes, that’s normal. That’s where you should feel an opening when you’re backbending. They say it takes your bones to shift 72,000 times before you get a new body.


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