What’s Your Truth?

If we are honest with our self, we are aligned with our Self and the Universe. The Universe, your Higher Power, God, the “Force”…whatever you want to call it (ultimately, the Self and “whatever you want to call it” is the same thing), only wants goodness for you. And what does goodness mean? It is us being honest and real and authentic with who we are. And if we are aligned with who it is we are, then desire born out of this alignment is True desire that is also aligned with who we are. If I’m in alignment with who I am, desire born out of this is natural, God sent desire. Of course I would deserve it, you would deserve it, we would deserve what we desire…


How do we begin to be in alignment with ourselves? We must take a look at our thoughts and our core beliefs–are they in alignment with our actions and with what we speak of? If not, then there is a misalignment. What we say we want and what we say we desire may not be completely true based on what we are truly feeling. If what we are feeling does not equal what we’re saying, then we can’t create what it is we want. We must stay quiet, and observe, and be completely honest with ourselves. It may be difficult or painful to observe, to feel, or even admit what we truly feel. But it’s necessary. Otherwise, we are disconnected not only to ourselves but to the Universe. Imagine how powerful you can be in creating what you want if you are in alignment with yourself and the Universe.


We must listen to ourselves. We must ask questions. Why do I do this? Why does this keep happening? Look around you—this is what you’ve created. If there’s something you don’t like or wish were different, then you must ask yourself how you got here. Take the baby steps back…till you get to the very core-of who you are, of what your core beliefs are-recognize and acknowledge them. Without doing this, you won’t know why you’ve caused the unhappiness around you and you won’t be able to change. Ask questions. Observe. Remember that you have all the answers-only you know what it feels like to be you…only you know what it was like to be abused. Only you know what it was like to be abandoned. Only you know your pain. Embrace that pain as you would a child. Feeling it, acknowledging it, and staying with it. Then let it go. It has served you up until this point. But now it is time to let go. You’ve come this far because you’re ready for change. You cannot go back and change it but you can make a choice Now. Embrace yourself as you would a child…gently and lovingly. Beating yourself up, being judgmental and critical will not help you move forward. Feel the healing that is taking place inside of you and witness it changing your outside world.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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