[Spiritual SoundBite] Your Success Depends on the Peeps You Keep

I was able to spend a gorgeous weekend by the beach with a dear friend this past weekend where she’s doing a yoga training. They’ve been practicing pranayama (breathing techniques) which help to focus and direct our energy. She said she was shopping a lot prior to the training and noticed that once she started practicing her pranayama, her desire for shopping no longer existed. I thought this was a simple (and funny) yet powerful example of how we direct our energy towards things that don’t necessarily benefit or move us forward. I believe that this is often the case when energy isn’t being directed towards something we need to create and we end up directing it elsewhere, thus, wasting it.

As I get older, I find that I tend to be more careful with my energy. I’m more particular about how I spend it and with who I spend it with. I determine whether something is worth doing based on whether the time spent would be worthwhile. I remember finding a quote a few years ago about time and how it’s something we cannot buy and something we don’t get back. Time is precious.

With time (and our energy) being precious, I’ve been thinking about where I direct my energy and where I want to direct it. I also think about with whom I want to share and exchange energy (and time) with as well as what kind of energy I want to invite into my life. I think about the kind of relationships I want to cultivate-ones that are honest, supportive, nurturing, encouraging, and where they bring out the best in me and I bring out the best in them. Anything short of that, would be a waste of time and maybe even potentially harmful if precious energy is not mutually given and received. Are the relationships in your life bringing out the best in you?

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you,ย 

whose presence calls forth your best.”

-Epictetus (Greek philosopher)


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