Ordinary Moments Cherished

I don’t know if it’s the fall weather finally having arrived in Los Angeles with its gray skies or if it’s just nostalgia settling in with age.There are moments in my life I wish I could hit the pause button on and make it timeless for just a couple of more minutes…to buy time.

It’s just so good.

I don’t want it to end.

They’re normally ordinary moments. And while wishing that, I some times get sad knowing very well that in a few minutes, it will just be a memory. I can’t say what makes these particular ordinary moments so cherish-able, other than the fact that it usually arises out of nostalgia.

Tonight I had one with my dad. We went out for dinner and shared creme brulee for dessert. It was an ordinary moment but in that instance, I wanted to pause time. I wanted to bottle it. Other moments like this are: napping with my dog Duke and having him lay on me and feeling his rhythmic breathing on my chest. Or when I get to cuddle with my niece and nephews and ask them about their dreams. When I go into another world or dimension while meditating. Or having deep and meaningful conversations with friends. Or when my grandma used to sit in her recliner and I sat next to her on the couch with a small folding table between us with a bowl of nuts or a plate of grapes sitting on top for us to share and watch TV, talk, or to just eat and sit in silence.


They are such ordinary moments.



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