[Spiritual SoundBite] Listening to Your Own Inner Voice

I’ve been writing this weekly-compact-spill-from-my-guts-newsletter for 3 years now and normally when I sit down to write, it just flows…almost effortlessly. And normally, what I think I’m going to write about usually ends up being something I didn’t intend. My thoughts and words wind up taking a life of their own and take me on a journey to a destination I don’t often anticipate. I suppose that is the beauty in creating something from scratch. You have an idea in mind as a starting point and then it somehow leads you in another direction. Sort of like life.

Lately though, what once felt effortless has lately become effort-full. I brought this up to a friend and she said, “Why not write about it? I enjoy reading about others’ struggles…it makes me feel like I’m not the only one.” Good point.

I can only speculate that the struggle with writing has been my own struggle in making sense of the transformation, transition, and change taking place in my own life. My own internal dialogue wavers between fear and faith, uncertainty and excitement, anxiousness and acceptance and at the end of all the mental jibber jabber, I wind up in the same place: a quiet voice reminds me to stay open and surrender into a space of complete trust.

It is during times of change and transition that we are in a particularly vulnerable state; privy to the opinions of others, some solicited but mostly unsolicited; and in particular, their own fears and doubts they have no problem unloading…all for “your own sake”. These naysayers are poison to your dreams and pollute your own inner wisdom that is YOUR truth.

Ultimately, no other opinion matters in our life but our own. In the end, we make up our own minds about how we live our life. So we must stay tuned in to who we are. Trust, surrender, and stay calm. Find that quiet place inside, so that you can hear your own inner wisdom.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.


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