[Spiritual SoundBite] Recent Citing: Purple Elephant on Skates

Imagination. When was the last time you used your imagination? I remember using it all the time as a kid. The world of make-believe and reality easily co-existed. As adults, why does ‘reality’ seem to be the only world we live in and appreciate? I’ve learned in the business world that unless my imagination can add to the bottom line, it really isn’t worthwhile. After graduating college, much of my mental stress in my adult life has been concerned with finding meaning in various careers and in searching for the right career-the “forever job”…the job I can carry on with for the rest of my life and live happily ever after with. Though employment times have changed and also, I’ve proven to not be that type of employee, I’ve realized it isn’t a job that will give me any type of meaning but it’s in how I define what is meaningful for me and my life. And lately, in creating and trying new things that require much more imagination, I have experienced and uncovered another side of me that has interestingly and surprisingly added spark, aliveness, and joy to my life.


It’s a whole new approach to looking at life and it’s also a huge leap of faith in hoping…wait, scratch that, knowing (and crossing every finger) that all will turn out well.


Today, I invite you to reignite the passion you and your imagination once shared together. Embrace your imagination and run with reckless abandon. A fantastic writing exercise I recently just did with my writing group, led by writer, poet, and memoirist Erin Jourdan helped to unleash all of our desires, wants, and all without shame. The prompt was this: using your imagination where ANYTHING is possible, and knowing you could be and do whatever you wanted, write what your life would look like.


Now go and have fun with this…you might just be surprised with what your imagination comes up with!(…and share it with us here!)


Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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