[Spiritual SoundBite] For Enjoyment’s Sake

How many times have you had an inking of an inspiration to do something, only to make an excuse for yourself in not doing it–even if it meant 10, 20, 30-minutes of happiness?…for true joy for joy’s sake…something that allows you to get lost in the moment…where time passes by…and you are in the flow.


I’m just as guilty for making up excuses for not doing the things I know will bring me this kind of joy, so I’m putting into practice in doing more of these types of activities. We’re such a results oriented culture and seem to only deem something as worth pursuing if it’s “practical”. Of course there are things we must do for practicality’s sake and maybe my definition of practicality is solely that: my subjective definition. Since when did letting your imagination to come out and play become impractical?…or was this a message I picked up along the way?


Whether practical or impractical, here’s an ode (and a little encouragement) to those things that bring you enjoyment for enjoyment’s sake:

For Enjoyment’s Sake

Do it because….

you want to

it brings you joy

it makes you feel good

you feel happier for doing it

if you didn’t, you’d regret not doing it

you get lost in it

it’s who you are

it moves you

it makes your spirit soar

it makes you feel alive

if you don’t, you’ll scream

it makes your insides sing and dance

if you don’t, a part of you dies

it makes you smile from the inside out

…just because



Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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