[Spiritual SoundBite] You Owe This to Yourself…

Sometimes when we’re feeling stuck we need a new and fresh perspective to look at the situation differently. We need something that can help open our eyes in seeing it a different way. Here’s a simple example: I take the dog out for a walk around the neighborhood usually along the same path. But one day I decided to take the same course just on the opposite side of the street. On the same road we walk on everyday, I noticed a colorful garden in the front yard of a house that’s perched on a hill. We’ve passed by this house every time but I’d never seen the garden because I was always too close to the house and the fence is just as tall as me. It wasn’t until I was across the street and could see the house from a distance was the garden revealed. This not only helped change my perspective of what the house looked like but opened me up to the fact that if I just stood in a different spot, the same house could look totally different!


Last week, I wrote about how we’re creative beings and we must honor that part of ourselves. I truly believe that part of being successful in anything you do is being able to come up with creative solutions. And part of coming up with creative solutions is being able to look at all sides of a situation. It offers insight and perhaps a more complete story about what’s actually happening. It’s imperative to feed and nurture your creative side not only to help you fully evolve as a person but to also open and expand your mind and thinking in ways you normally would not otherwise.


So if you’re feeling stuck, bust out the crayons and start drawing! Or take that ceramics class-boxing class-cooking class-you fill in the blank. If you’ve had a desire to pursue something creatively, you owe it to yourself to do it.



Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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