[Spiritual SoundBite] The Dirty Deed You Must Do

A large part of my job is to help people relax-sounds easy, right? I suppose if it was, I’d be out of a job! Part of the difficulty in doing it is that we’ve been conditioned to not do it . We’ve been taught that “relaxing” is a dirty deed and you should feel guilty for even thinking about it.
And I’m not just talking about taking a vacation. I’m talking about relaxing your mind and your body. Most students I observe are on high alert, their eyes are darting, and their minds are racing. Their nervous system are on overload and they look as if they’re holding on to dear life. What’s even more difficult is that they may not even be aware that this is their state of being
My heart goes out to them and I just want to cradle them in my arms and tell them it’s safe to let go. Just the thought of “letting go” for some people may cause anxiety. Relinquishing control is not an option for them. It’s a part of their identity and it’s a driving force behind their behaviors. But behind all of this is simply fear. If they can identify their fears, then they can essentially eliminate the weed from ever growing again by getting at its root.
What’s at the root of your behavior? Is it fear? Is it in line with who you are? Does it represent who you really are and what you stand for?


Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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