[Spiritual SoundBite] Preserved Creativity

Since her passing, I’ve helped my dad clear out some things from grandma’s condo. This time, I found some bags and tin boxes stuffed in a corner. I found a large empty square tin box that used to house cookies with a bunch of newspapers that someone had deliberately folded and lined the perimeter of the box with. I found this peculiar and curiously asked my dad what this box was used for. “She preserved eggs in here,” my dad said nonchalantly. Oh, of course! What else would you use a tin box for?! I had no idea she did this and a part of me wished I had gotten to try one of those eggs.


It dawned on me that my grandmother still wanted to create and tend to something even at the age of 91…and that it doesn’t matter what age we are, we are creative beings meant to create and we must nurture and honor that part of ourselves. Perhaps I’m reading into what these eggs meant. For all I know, they could have just been a necessity for her to have with her porridge.


Earlier in the day, my dad showed me the chrysanthemum she planted before she passed. Although she didn’t have a garden of her own anymore, she did manage to sneakily plant a chrysanthemum in the courtyard. I was astonished at how large and healthy this plant had grown to be. As we stood there and felt the warmth of the sun beaming down on us, I looked at the cheerful yellow buds that are about to burst into full bloom and it made me feel as if grandma was smiling at us.


Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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