[Spiritual SoundBite] School of Awareness: Results…Alive & Happy

It’s now week #4 at the School of Awareness. What kinds of changes have you noticed–small or large? Lasting changes are small steps you take that add up over time. I call it the accumulated effect. Make a small positive step towards the direction you want to head in today and by the end of the week, month, and year, you’ll see that the effort you put in will have paid off.

Today, we re-cap what you’ve learned the last 3 weeks in how to live more fully…more presently…more happily:
#1 Notice when you’re distracted. A big sign is when you are multi-tasking (or think you are!) when you’re really only giving 50% of your attention (if that). Do 1 thing at a time and be fully present. Notice when your mind is being bombarded with thoughts and you begin to feel pulled in several directions. These distractions pull you away from the Present moment. To combat this, notice the sensations in your body that are signaling stress or tension–perhaps you’ll feel tension in your head, constriction in your chest, or tightness in your jaw. Everyone feels and experiences stress differently. Observe how it shows up for you. Once you are aware that your body is feeling stress, you can bring yourself back into the moment.
#2 Let go of your “lists”. Only write down what really needs to get done and see this list as more of a reminder instead of a list for checking off and “earning” points to the finish line. The truth is, there is no finish line. If you can treat each task as it’s own beginning and end, let that be your satisfaction. Don’t let it be a game of how many tasks or ‘to-do’ items you can check off. Prioritize what really needs to get done today. Do your best and if you don’t finish, let it go and don’t give yourself a hard time. The point of all this is to stay focused while at ease. You’ll take the pressure off of yourself and your (peace of) mind and body will thank you.
#3 Ask yourself what you need RIGHT NOW. Say it out loud, “What do I need right now?” And often, you’ll know right away. And when the answer comes to you, give yourself what you need: if you’re feeling tired or low on energy, you may need a power nap, some fresh air, a little walk, or something as simple as hydrating yourself. If you’re feeling stuck or can’t seem to find a solution, sometimes it’s just a matter of taking a mental break and giving the situation some space. Get up, stretch, and take some deep breaths.



Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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