[Spiritual SoundBite] School of Awareness: Lesson #3 of 3

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of catching yourself being distracted and noticing how you’re physically feeling  (LESSON #1)  and only choosing one task at a time at any given moment (LESSON #2) this week you’ll practice…


OBSERVATION: We’re living and thinking in the future or past. We hear a lot of about “being present”, “stay in the moment”, “live in the moment”.  But why? Why is it important? Because the future doesn’t exist yet and the past can’t be changed. What matters is this moment now. Each moment is creating the next. So the concept of “future” is really only each next moment which is based on each moment Now. The quality of the future is really just the quality of each present moment.
YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK: If you’ve caught yourself being distracted and pulled away from the Present moment, check in with how you’re feeling–are you stressed or in a hurry? Physically connect with yourself and see where you’re feeling it in your body. Take a deep breath and return back to your task at hand. Give it 100% of your attention.
If you find that it’s difficult to focus, ask yourself what you need RIGHT NOW. You might even want to say it out loud, “What do I need right now?” And often, you’ll know right away. If you’re feeling tired or low on energy, you may need a power nap, get some fresh air, or rehydrate. If you’re feeling hungry, you need to take a break and eat (not at your desk!). Sometimes it’s just needing a mental break and taking some deep breaths.
Then revel in each moment…make the most out of it. Enjoy yourself in the moment. Find (even the slightest!) joy in everything that you do.



Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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