[Spiritual SoundBite] School of Awareness: Lesson #2 of 3…

So how did practicing LESSON #1 go last week? Was it difficult to only do 1 task at a time? To be 100% present with every single task? I must confess, I found myself on the phone and putting laundry in the dryer at the same time. It was brought to my attention when the person on the other end was asking what all that noise was! Oopsie. So we won’t be perfect 100% of the time but being aware of when you’re not 100% there is a start to helping you live more presently.



OBSERVATION: It has turned into a game of how many things can we check off our “to-do” list.


YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK: If you can wrap your head around the “being 100% present” concept, then it I’d like to lead you to the next concept of: all those things on your list will never get “done”. This list you have is on-going and more items are tacked on as you move forward. This list never ends. If you can accept this concept and see it as a part of life instead of seeing it as something that needs to get completed or finished, then you’ll take a lot of pressure off of yourself. Instead of seeing how much of your list you can check off, have your sense of accomplishment come from asking yourself which one needs my attention Now. This concept applies to not only your list but also distractions during your day. They may all feel like they need your attention now but only 1 thing will need 100% of your attention at any given moment. Make a decision in every moment of what that 1 thing is. Your brain and body will be so grateful.
The results = You’ll be in a “relaxed focus” state of being. You’ll be clear with what needs to get accomplished while your state of being is calm. Your energy and focus is honed in.  It’s no longer dispersed and pulling you in several different directions.

You are the zen corporate warrior.


Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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