[Spiritual SoundBite] Do You Lie or Pretend?

“Don’t allow anything to cause tension in the mind or the body.” This was said several times at an Ashtanga workshop I took last year with Dena Kingsberg. She said it several times throughout the week and each time I heard it, it made more and more sense. Yes! Of course! Why would we allow anything to cause tension to our mind and body? But don’t we all do it anyway: notice your state of being when sitting in traffic, when you’re in the office, when you have to get to a meeting, or all the fearful thoughts that float through your mind as you obsess about money, your relationship, your job, etc.


Lately, I’ve been practicing getting more into what I call “feeling mode” rather than thinking mode. By bringing awareness into what I’m feeling in my body it causes me to focus on what’s happening Now. Often times I notice that I may be doing something as simple as walking the dog and suddenly remind myself of what I need to get done and feel an urgency to hurry up so I can move on to my next task. Isn’t it so true that we are often times in a rush to finish something only so that we can move on to do something else? And so, this feeling of needing to rush the present task so that we can move on to the next becomes our state of being…we’re living and thinking in the future instead of being in the Now. And what matters is the Now, the present time; simply because the future doesn’t exist and the quality of each Now moment creates the next Now moment (future). We’re so used to doing and checking things off our list that it has turned into a game of how many more things can I check off? I think this way of doing things has simply been a commonly accepted and expected cultural concept of -attaining, -accomplishing, and -more is better. This driving force behind our actions is worth questioning and examining in our own lives because it has influenced us to think in terms of doing instead of Being.


The reason I bring all this up is simply to bring attention to what is being felt emotionally and physically. When you are aware of these sensations as they are happening, you are experiencing your truth in the moment. And why is this important? Our truth is how our reality is created. You may have heard: our thoughts lead to our words, our words lead to our actions, our actions lead to our reality. If we deny ourselves of our feelings and what’s really going on inside (emotionally/physically) then what kind of reality are you creating for yourself? Often times we simply do not acknowledge how we’re feeling and instead we go numb…not feeling at all. Feelings do not lie. It’s the intellectual thoughts and excuses we offer ourselves that keep us from acknowledging our feelings…essentially, our truth. So instead of treating your feelings as a burden to your psyche, use them as a signpost in guiding you on the path towards the state of Being and reality you’d like to live in.


Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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