my well meaning wedding dress (continued)…and PLEASE for god’s sake, just wear the damn thing post-wedding!

I just realized that I didn’t post the link to the photos that Robert took of me in  my wedding dress from the Spiritual SoundBite I wrote a few weeks back. This spontaneous photo shoot in my wedding dress I wore 6 years ago (whoa, that sounded crazy!) inspired me to write this:

I remember slipping on my dress and remembering why I loved it so much. It fits me like a glove, it’s simple yet elegant, and I absolutely love how the shear train gives it its lightness–it would be the dress’s wings if it could take flight! It was fun stepping out onto the street wearing this gown and not caring if it got dirty…it was time to have fun with this dress again!

Below are a few of the best shots Robert took. It was about 5 in the afternoon and the colors of the sunset as well as the headlights from LA traffic hour gave us great lighting.  I like my elegant white gown juxtaposed with the dirtiness of the chain linked fence and the hustle and bustle of city life.

What do these photos symbolize or mean? I’m not sure. Here’s 1 thought though!…

Wear your wedding dress just because you like it! How much money and time did you spend finding that thing? You deserve to enjoy it at the grocery store, the dog park, your birthday party, cleaning your house…any where and any damn time you feel like wearing it.


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