[Spiritual SoundBite] My Well Meaning Wedding Dress…photos and interview

As I had shared last week, my friend Robert interviewed me to be a part of his music series project. Part of his process with these interviews is to take photos for a visual essence of the person he’s interviewing. While changing in the laundry room, I jokingly said to him, “Hey, remember last  year when we did the photo shoot and we joked around about taking yoga photos of me in my wedding dress?…Well, I’ve got the dress hanging right here!” And without hesitation, he chimes back, “Lets do it…put it on!”

As I unzipped the garment bag, took the dress off its hanger, and slipped it on, I realized this was only the second time I’d wore it. The only other time was 6 years ago for my wedding day! Once the dress was on, I remembered why I liked it so much: simple yet elegant. I slid into my flip flops and we set out for the street. As I carried my train and scurried behind Rob, a passing thought I haven’t been able to let go of since is that: this dress symbolized a union between me and another person. But now, it’s symbolizing a union with myself…a commitment far more important than any other I could ever possibly make.

Last year, I wrote a Spiritual SoundBite titled, “My Secret Discovery…Yoga Your Way to a Sexy Relationship” and the lessons I’ve learned through yoga and how it’s the same qualities of a good relationship. With this recent wedding dress experience and looking back at this list, I realize that a commitment to our self and the relationship we have with our self is most likely the key to any happy union with anyone else. Yoga is also a union of our left & right sides, of shiva & shakti, of our feminine and male energy. If we don’t show up for ourselves the way we’re expected to show up for someone else, how can we show up for anyone? Make the most important date this week: a date with yourself. Treat yourself to something that makes you giddy.


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