A Tribute to Grandma…Mama…Mi Abuela…

Little did I know that what I wrote about my grandmother for last week’s Spiritual SoundBite was actually a tribute to her and something I’d end up reading and sharing at her funeral. She was a woman who lived with integrity, dignity, and courage.

[Spiritual SoundBite] How You Live On…(I love you grandma!)
I’ll remember my grandmother as a stylish woman who had a preference for designer handbags, beautiful shoes, and great jewelry. I’ll remember her as the focal point for getting family together and who loved treating all of us out to dim sum and dinner on weekends. I’ll remember her as being a generous spirit and who was willing to share whatever she had.

Although she had a few health complications that prevented her from doing much these last few years, my memories of her will be walking through the streets of Hong Kong with her as a kid to being old enough to drive her to her favorite shopping locations (the few English words she learned how to say): Macy’s and Target.

I’ll remember her as a strong and smart lady who immigrated to Los Angeles with my aunt and cousins when Hong Kong was turned back over to China in 1997. I remember her sitting at the dinner table practicing how to write her name in cursive…her signature that would help her sign papers to become a U.S. citizen at the age of 77.

It’s no surprise that Thanksgiving morning was the day she passed: it’s already a day for us to reflect on all the blessings in our lives as well as to give thanks to the people who are currently in it. Her death only heightened all of that for me. And I know she wouldn’t have wanted me (us) to feel any differently. Although my family, extended family, and friends will gather together this Saturday for a reason we all wish we didn’t have to do, she has brought us all together again.

Mi abuela…mama…grandma…as someone recently said to me in their condolences: she is in your blood…not just her genes, but her love, her compassion, her life experiences, her attitudes…all these things have been passed on to you…and so, she will forever live on in you and your aura.


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