[Spiritual SoundBite] Mate of the Same Colors and Feathers

Living at Playa Viva is truly integrating oneself into and with nature. Its physical space is built into nature as opposed to forcing nature to be a part of it. With that said, I’ve been observing nature and find it interesting that most of the living things I’ve seen, often travel in pairs: 2 of the same orange butterflies fluttering…2 of the same birds flocking, and just today, as I was upside down in a yoga pose, I witnessed a pair of dragonflies mating in mid-air—one of them responsible for their “flight of love”. Is mother nature trying to show me something?

Having been divorced once, and just getting out of a 3-year relationship, I struggle with the meaning of marriage and whether or not being with 1 person forever is realistic. People change and there are no guarantees. Is that just pessimism speaking or pragmatism? I am a romantic at heart, so perhaps my latest observations is just a sign that I still do believe in love and that someday I will perhaps meet my partner of the same colors or feathers.

What is your take on marriage and its purpose? You can reply to me or post your thoughts on my blog here.


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