[Spiritual SoundBite] When It’s Time To Let Go

First off, let me apologize for your Spiritual SoundBite arriving a day late. I’m in a remote location in Mexico where internet is intermittent. The resort is 2 miles on the oceanfront from Juluchuca, a small and friendly town where there’s no internet nor market. You need to go into the next big town, Petatlan to get most of your groceries. Suffice it to say, I’ve given up on being adamant that this weekly message reach you every Tuesday because I would just stress out like I did the first week!

“Letting go” has been a reoccurring theme for me while I’ve been here. Little things that would normally drive me crazy at home like: my feet being perpetually sandy or dirty, mosquito bites being a reoccurring discomfort, and all sorts of bugs, critters, and creatures that surround me…all these things I’ve surrendered to as being a part of life here. I can’t be attached to my standard of living in the city and bring it here. It’s a completely different way of life here.

I’ve also been fortunate to cross paths with guests that I otherwise would not have met. The people who are drawn to staying here for vacation share the same values for living life. So it’s been pretty awesome to meet like-minded peeps who care about the environment and who strive to make this world a more sustainable one. With these people, now friends, I also need to “let go” as I send them off to go back home once their stay is over.

We’ve also been releasing baby turtles into the ocean almost every night and morning the last few days. It’s a wonderful process of witnessing their “first step” into the world and letting go of these tiny miracles into the ocean.

And now, I shall let you go…
…Till next Tuesday-ish and for occasional updates check my blog at The Stellar Life.


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