[Spiritual SoundBite] Hundreds of Miracles

This has been by far the most immersed I’ve been in nature for such an extended amount of time. Even with camping, it’s just a couple of days and you know you’ll be going back to the concrete jungle. It’s been 2 weeks so far and I no longer wear shoes or make-up, the only time I’m out of my bathing suit is when I’m showering, and using a black light at night to be forewarned of any glowing scorpions have all become a daily way of life.

Mother nature’s magical gifts are constantly witnessed: the beautiful eagles that swiftly glide in the sky, the occasional pair of dolphins that artfully swim and jump over the water, and my favorite…in the darkness of the night with just the sound of the ocean roaring in the background, witnessing an 80lb mother turtle peacefully laying her 100 eggs into a hole she’s instinctually dug out under the beach’s surface. The eggs are then carefully extracted the next day and transported into the turtle sanctuary at Playa Viva where they’ll be incubated for 45 days. Once the eggs hatch, the baby turtles…all just 2 inches long are released into the ocean-the beginning of the rest of their lives. It’s a unique experience to witness these baby turtles scuddle their way down the slope and get carried away as the tides wash up ashore and take them out to sea. They tumble and find their “ground” as they swim and wade in the water–their little heads and bodies bobbing up and down as you catch one last glimpse of this miraculous event.

They’ll embark on an astonishing (one can only imagine the places, the creatures, the adventures they’ve come across!) 7-year journey and will return to the same shore they came from when they’re ready to lay their eggs and repeat this amazing process that mother nature has creatively designed.


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