[Spiritual SoundBite] When Do You Feel Most Like Yourself?

How did you spend your summers as a kid? Living at Playa Viva the last week has not only exposed me to a whole new environment but also conversations I otherwise wouldn’t be having. A guest I was speaking with mentioned that she was trying to decide where to spend Christmas with her family and that her 25-year old daughter considers a big festive city like Acapulco an ideal place for relaxing and vacationing because that’s where she grew up. The guest, on the other hand, grew up spending summers at a lake and that’s what she considers to be relaxing.

It made me think about where I feel most at “home” and what sorts of things feel natural to me. I grew up swimming everyday during the summer or going to the beach. I spent a lot of time outdoors with the neighborhood kids, riding our bikes, roller skating, playing basketball and tag football. Also, there were a couple of summers where my dad would take me and my sister to visit my grandparents in Hong Kong and we’d stay for the summer. It’s hot and humid as hell in Hong Kong during the summer time and I remember I loved swimming at the pool or in the ocean. I also get cold easily, so warm summer months were always my favorite time of year.

So when the guest mentioned that what we did as kids on “vacation” is what we feel most natural doing or what brings us most joy, it makes sense that I naturally gravitate towards locations with tropical weather where I can be barefoot, outdoors, and in my swimsuit 90% of the time! It’s how I feel most at “home” and feel most natural and “myself”.

Where do you feel most like “yourself”? And how close or how far away
from it are you most of the time? As kids, we do what comes naturally
and as we get older, we tend to have more outside influences that
causes us to stray away from what makes us who we are. So ask yourself what you enjoyed doing as a kid and think back to where and what you were doing that made you happiest.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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