Living in Bikini Bottom…

Playa Viva…4th day here and I’ve pretty much been living in my bikini and am barefoot all the time. I’m literally living ON the beach…beach sand is everywhere. As soon as I arrived, I noticed the fine sand pouring into my tennis shoes…it was a moment of surrender and embracing the idea of having sand as my “floor”. I’ve also accepted the fact that my feet will never be fully “clean”—they will always be sandy and I will go to bed that way…and it’s okay.

I’ve given a yoga class every morning since arriving and having the ocean as our view and our soundtrack is amazing. I’ve given a few massages so far as well and they take place up on the tower that overlooks the ocean and the mountains from afar. I’m surrounded by the jungle and the sea and it is probably…it is by far, the most ideal “office” I’ve ever worked at.

The beach I live on at Playa Viva

The staff is super friendly and the cooks are amazing. Olga and Chuqui are the best local cooks…everything is homemade and fresh: from the tortillas to the salsas to the beautiful traditional, Mexican dishes we’re presented with at each meal…i.e.: chilaquiles, chicken enchiladas, stewed beef in a poblano sauce, and every Thursday in Julachuca is pazole day!…so I had chicken pazole (hominy) for the first time in my life! It was f’ing amazing. I don’t know how many bowls I had but it felt like I had a bottomless pit for pazole. I remember going to a dinner party in Los Angeles and pazole was the featured dish and I couldn’t have any because I was vegetarian back then.


I must say, I’m super grateful for not being vegetarian anymore. I wouldn’t be having the culinary adventures that is so much a part of experiencing a culture. Hooray for being non-vegetarian! Woo hoo!!…but of course, done with the same consciousness as vegetarianism (that was for all the vegans and vegetarians out there).


One thought on “Living in Bikini Bottom…

  1. You crack me up. It makes me laugh to think about how I was a really aggressive vegetarian in my early twenties and now am such a crazy carnivore. My goodness, how we change. I am sure my early twenties self would be horrified to see what I’ve become. But I am happy eating meat, so it all works out. I think we just need to embrace joy in the most conscious way we can. Thanks for being to open about your process!

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