[Spiritual SoundBite] Who Do You Keep As Company?

Portland, Oregan…that’s where I visited this past weekend. I got to see the new life that one of my best girlfriends, Alicia and her hubby Cooper have built for themselves over there. They’re both very talented and it’s an inspiration to see how they’ve come so far within a year of moving there and are successfully creating and building a business.

Many of my close friends are creatives and pursuing their dreams. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have attracted them into my life and to have fostered friendships that support me and encourage me to keep pursuing my own dreams. As they say, birds of the same feather flock together. It’s important who we surround ourselves with–they’re influence is much greater than we some times realize. Who are the inspirations in your life?…and make sure you share it with them!

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.


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