[Spiritual SoundBite] That’s Absurd! Or Is It??

I had dinner with a friend tonight and we each confided our “absurd” dreams. His notion of starting his own art magazine was not far-fetched sounding to me at all. It actually was very inspiring to listen to him speak about his concept and the various artists who’ve inspired this idea for him. It didn’t sound ridiculous to me because I worked in the magazine world but because he’s a (talented) architect and artist who’s never done publishing before, it seems like a daunting task.

It’s funny that the things we’ve never done before just somehow seem like huge menacing obstacles. I love having conversations with friends about dreams…no matter how “impractical” they may sound. I think it’s healthy to vent these whimsical inspired notions to another human being. It lets them know that their inspired notions are not so crazy after all. And if they don’t have any, I guess there isn’t much to say! (…other than, why are you friends with them?)

My “absurd” dream is to teach yoga in French and to work in a café/bakery in Paris serving great espresso and fresh pastries. Do I know how to speak French? No. Will I ever live in Paris? Who knows. But I’m going to keep listening to my inspired notions because they are a part of a deep genuine desire I have. They serve to fulfill a facet of me that I myself have not seen and have yet to discover.

What are your inspired notions…dreams? Share it will us no matter how crazy or stupid you might think it sounds. We’d love to hear it and acknowledge you for having it…no matter how small or grand. Click the red COMMENT button below.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.


3 thoughts on “[Spiritual SoundBite] That’s Absurd! Or Is It??

  1. Hi Stella,
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story. Nothing it’s absurd except living a mediocre life. Not long ago I had a dream about a story of a couple who had to be together against all odds. It was a very interesting dream that kept reoccurring on my awakened state. Since I kept thinking about it day after day, I decided to write it down. This happened about 6 months ago. I’m still writing and so far I have 130 pages and more keeps coming. I decided to quit my fashion design job, a career I have pursuit for 15 years because I thought it was my call. I always wanted to create stories, but I didn’t know how to do it. It’s so inspiring, I think by the time I’m done, I’ll have enough material for about 3 books. My life has become very rich and fulfilling. I am amazed of the creativity pouring out of me, even though I’ve never written anything I wanted to publish before. I feel blessed!

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