Spontaneous Divine Chakra Intervention

I went to my first ‘Movement for Actor’s class at EDGE in Hollywood. I remember in college, I took a Movement for Musician’s class and absolutely loved it. We free flowed, expressed ourselves however we were moved to…we were given permission to Be and to express what that was. I’ve been yearning to find a class like this again and who knew it was in my own backyard!

I was scared to go…I’m a chicken when it comes to “first times” with anything. But the instructor was reassuring in saying, “I don’t care what you look like. Get into your body and out of our mind. Love the ugly duckling stage. The first time with anything or anyone is awkward.” The instructor Cindera Che was inspiring in her own way of expressing not only into words but with physical movements what she was feeling and attempting to convey. There was always a story…a purpose behind what we did and how we did it. We warmed up with some yoga moves and then she had us write our names with various body parts. It was fun trying to write my name in cursive with my ass! She said, “Pretend there’s a brush stuck up your ass! Now write your name!” We moved and expressed our bodies and she’d say “FREEZE!” and we all froze, no matter how awkward the postion. She’d ask, “What’s the story behind this?” Then she led us through what I would call mini story routines with red folding chairs as our prop. It was super fun…no right…no wrong. It felt like home.

She started class by saying that our bodies are instruments and we must learn how to use it and express it. I think my years of yoga practice has given me good awareness with my different body parts. So the brain to body connection is pretty good. Although, I would like to move my limbs gracefully like a dancer ๐Ÿ™‚

I left class feeling absolutely happy and *free*…liberated. I walked passed the Gold’s Gym next door and for some reason, turned back around, went inside and asked if they needed any more yoga instructors. The guy behind the front desk said I could speak to the manager who happened to be in. She came out and said, Oooh…you’re cute!” I felt like I was hired already. I told her I was a yoga instructor and asked if they were looking for any more teachers. She said, “Absolutely! Come back Tuesday or Saturday and speak to so and so.” She gave me her card and told me to email her.

It felt like deja vu…I dreampt about that moment before. I’m glad I listened to my intuition–spontaneous chakra expansion and divine intervention at play! I love it.


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