[Spirritual SoundBite] Just One Foot In Front of the Other

I took a walk out in my neighborhood today. Taking the familiar path along the lake made me reflect about how it was similar to living life: while you’re on it, people, things, and events come across your path that may make you turn right or left or go in a different direction. Or you come across someone or something on the path that inspires you or offers an opportunity. Something in the distance may catch your curiosity and you decide to momentarily change direction and head towards it…all the while, knowing that the path you were on will always be there.

I once did a night hike in the volcano national park on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s supposed to be the best way to see the red lava spewing and spilling down the side of the volcano as it flows towards the cliff and cascades into the ocean like a waterfall. It was pitch black and with only a flashlight in hand, I could only see what was ahead, one footstep at a time. I remember it vividly thinking how it was a metaphor for life: you never know what’s ahead, all you can do is have faith and take one step at a time.

We are all trying to navigate through this life. I’ve learned that just when I thought things were “figured out”, the Universe senses mental complacency or laziness and shows me it’s not figured out! It presents yet another challenge for me…and gently nudges me towards a new direction. I feel like these challenges not only come my way to show me that I’ll overcome them, but I’m about to have another growth spurt–the journey of overcoming them is where all the good stuff happens. It’s about making conscious choices. Choices seem to be like mental footsteps. Each choice is a step into the future. It’s being open to possibilities and opportunities. It’s trusting your feelings and instincts. Thinking back to my most difficult and challenging situations in life so far, they are the ones that have propelled me forward in life. It’s not letting fear get the best of me even when I am afraid and to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.


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