[Spiritual SoundBite] Chasing Birds…

I just so happen to be visiting my parents on Friday when we needed to take their dog Sabi (short for Sabrina) to the vet. My mom noticed her head was tilting to one side, she was panting heavily, and every time she tried to get up and walk, she’d lose her balance and fall. My mom also tried feeding her chicken and she had no appetite. Like mom said, “If Sabi stops eating, you know something is very wrong.” She had all the symptoms of possibly a stroke having occurred.

I carried her to the car and sat in the back seat with her. I held her to protect her from falling during the ride to the animal hospital. It was a hot day and the AC was on. She kept leaning towards the window and I thought it was because she was off kilter but then it hit me: She’s a dog! She wants the window rolled down like any other dog who’s in the car. So I rolled the window down and as she stuck her snout out, the wind blew her fur and ears back. Ahhhh…I can only imagine the momentary feeling of relief and joy she was experiencing…the basic freedoms and dignity of being a dog and enjoying the simple pleasures of life such as this. It was such an ordinary yet remarkable moment to witness: she was no longer the 14 year old dog who had a stroke. She was like any other healthy dog enjoying a car ride. Despite how tired and awful she must have felt, she still had her spirit. It made me sad to think this could possibly be her last car ride.

Sabi stayed at the vet’s for a couple of nights and returned home today. The doctor says it was a stroke and she’ll be on a few medications and should be fine. When Sabi got home, she saw a falcon flying in the sky and immediately started barking and chasing after it. It’s a Sabi thing: she’s been chasing birds since she was a puppy. She’s never caught one nor has she ever actually taken flight but I know her spirit soars with them.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.


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