[Spiritual SoundBite] The Key To A Lasting Relationship

My yoga practice has taught me that there is no where to be but this moment and there is nothing to achieve but to enjoy the journey of the moment. With many things in my life, it used to be about achieving, attaining, and acquiring. These days, my perspective has shifted: I keep in mind that just like my yoga practice being a life-long journey, I need to have a similar approach to other things in life. By having no “finish line” there’s no rush. I was typically impatient and driven; wanting to make things happen now instead of having them happen in due course. If I was met with resistance, I pushed harder. I lived life that way, and that was also how I approached yoga. But over the years, my practice has shown me how to soften, wait, observe, and accept. Since yoga has shown me that there’s no hurry, I might as well start building a strong foundation from which my practice can truly keep growing and flourishing: a foundation so solid that it can be sustained for a lifetime. Currently, my challenge is to call upon this relationship to my practice and apply it to a relationship with someone who is very near and dear to my heart. A solid foundation is key to any lasting relationship-whether it’s with yoga or a loved one.

And I believe that a solid foundation starts with me. Because I show up on my mat each morning for myself, I’m able to show up for others. It’s a necessity to take care of yourself almost to a selfish degree so that you can be fully present and available to others. Time and time again has shown just how true this is. We lose sight by getting too comfortable in our day to day routine, placing people and things ahead of our own well-being. Soon, we’re tired, cranky, stressed, and there’s no outlet for any of this but a slow progression of self-destruction that soon becomes a vicious cycle.

I encourage you to selfishly take time for yourself this week, whether it’s 15-minutes, 30-minutes, or an hour and do whatever it is that brings you joy! It could be anything: a walk, drawing, baking, reading, dancing, yoga, getting a massage. Put it in your calendar right now.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.


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