PLEEEZ Just Pick Up Your Shit!

I walked out of the house today to go grocery shopping. As I’m walking to my car, I noticed a pile of dog shit on the sidewalk. It still looked pretty fresh. My eyes immediately began scanning for the culprit. But all was quiet and still. Damn. Who lets their dog just shit in the middle of the sidewalk and NOT pick it up?! I immediately judged this person as the type of individual who just leaves their shit laying around and expects other people to pick it up. I wished I’d seen the guilty party and the poopy pooch. They would have gotten some words from me…and a bag.

I must confess: I’ve been guilty of forgetting a bag while walking Duke and it wasn’t till he pooped did I realize I had forgotten to bring one. This happened just the other day. I looked around at the litter hoping I’d find a bag (of which I was lucky enough once before…but not this time). So I started walking home thinking I’d get a bag and go back to the scene of the crime and clean it up. Luckily, a tattered newspaper ad for Vons was lying by the curb–it was just soft and big enough to do the job.

So today, I saw the pile of (mushy) poop, got angered but went on with my excursion. When I got home and got out of the car, I had to walk passed this irresponsible pile of shit again and noticed it had been smeared across the sidewalk with several footprints. So now, not only will the pile of poop not get picked up, it’s impossible to clean AND it’s smeared across the path. I feel bad for the unsuspecting soul who may have been enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon stroll and suddenly realized that they had stepped in something squishy; probably hoping it was mud and then realizing it was what they feared most: shit.

It probably angers me because I am one of those innocent (sometimes oblivious) souls that has stepped in shit, goop, gum, you name it…I’ve stepped in it. I just wish people cared enough to take responsibility and clean up their shit. Is that too much to ask for?


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