Oh God…I’m One Of “THOSE” People Now…

I didn’t get them so that my dog Duke could look fashionable–I swear. I got them out of necessity. I promise. They look pretty darn cute on him though. Yes, I got my dog a pair of shoes. Actually, 2 pairs.

Duke's new hipster sneakers...he's leading the pack in Echo Park

I got them yesterday out of NECESSITY. Yeah, you heard me. Necessity. He must have played too hard at the Silver Lake dog park yesterday and the top layer of his 2 front paws ripped off. Poor guy. I noticed him walking a bit weird when we got home and when I checked out his paws, I saw that a flap on each paw was dangling off. Ouch.

I (immediately) went to Blue Collar pet supplies in Echo Park and was reassured that this happens often to dogs when they run really fast and stop suddenly. Duke does that quite often: run, puts on the brakes, and screeches to a halt. But he’s normally on hardwood floors, grass, or concrete. That’s one thing I don’t like about the dog park is that it’s all dirt. Poor little guy.

I dressed his wound by cutting off the flaps that were hanging off the back of his paw, put neosporin on it, and bandaged it up. He layed there perfectly still–what an angel.

Now his paws are protected...that's the ONLY reason he's wearing shoes...I swear

His shoes are easy to put on and he’s very compliant. He looks so adorable in them and when he first had to walk in them, he walked with exaggerated steps: so unbelievably cute and funny.

It was such a great time having Duke try on his shoes in the store and walking out of there with him looking like the most athletic dog. They’ve got some bitchin’ reflectors too. So if you can’t see Duke at night..you’ll surely see his feet 🙂


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