My Tutu and Self-Expression Go Hand-in-Hand

If you’ve been reading my blog or Spiritual SoundBites the last couple of weeks, you may have sensed that I was feeling a little stuck. It started with my personal yoga practice. I wanted to distinguish for myself, the difference between rigidity and discipline. This curiosity to explore which one was driving me to get up and practice every morning was what I wanted to know. Coupled with that, was also a yearning to express myself creatively through other outlets–mentally and physically. So I started trying different classes to move my body differently–to challenge it to move in new ways. So I tried pilates, African dance, aerobics, and all of it made me appreciate my Ashtanga practice even more. If it weren’t for mula bandha, I would’ve never survived those classes!

I also “unstuck” myself by finally getting a set of acrylic paints and canvases and started painting. I don’t know why I got this idea, but I saw myself wearing a petticoat or tutu while painting. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. So I finally went to a great store in Silverlake called Ozzie Dots that sells great costumes and vintage wear. They had petticoats and tutus hanging from the ceiling and once I laid eyes on my aqua tutu, I knew it was the one for me.So now, every time I paint, I put on my “painting tutu”. In fact, I’m wearing it right now. I suppose it’s to help inspire me to think outside the box when I’m doing anything creative.

Here’s my tutu while I’m sitting at my desk:

wearing my tutu while writing at my desk

This is what it looks like by itself:

My tutu!

And this is how it looks on Duke:

Duke in my makes him look more lke the circus dog


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