[Spiritual SoundBite] It’s Easier to Blame Mom, Dad, Hubby, Wife, Boss…

The best thing we can do for ourselves and for those around us is to take responsibility for our own happiness. And when we are happy, we are caring for ourselves which makes us fully available to our loved ones. If anyone has ever told you that putting yourself first is selfish, they probably don’t take care of themselves very well. I believe we’re here in this lifetime to be of service. But in order to be of service, we must learn how to take responsibility for our own health and happiness before we can offer ourselves to someone else. If you cannot fully love and accept yourself, how can you possibly expect to do this for another?

It’s much easier to find the faults in someone else and what they’re not doing for us than it is to take a look at ourselves and examine what it is we’re not taking responsibility for. I admittedly (and embarrassingly) am guilty of this, this past week. I blamed my partner for not being ‘fun’ when I myself have felt a low-grade of ho-hum-ness in day-to-day life. Am I being any fun? Certainly not. A partial culprit to this has been feeling low on energy. My first priority is getting my health back on track. It’s not way off track, but if you’re curious, you can read about my ‘treatment’ for lack for energy with something I was opposed to for so many years that I ended up needing and doing for myself: click here to read about my confession of a shameless devour

My tagline, “Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You” albeit lighthearted in its delivery is something I really believe in: When we are balanced in mind, body, & spirit (Healthy), it leads to an internal joy (Happy). This joy causes us to illuminate a light from within that others are drawn to (Sexy). And this is available for everyone (You) to experience.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.


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