“Tuck! Squeeze! Tuck! Squeeze!”

That’s what I kept hearing in class. I’ve been wanting to move my body in a different way and am taking initiative in trying out new classes around town…whether it’s pilates, African dance, or like today…Pop Physique. I walked into the studio on Sunset in Silverlake and expected to see instructors decked out in American Apparel knee high socks and short shorts like Chrissy from Three’s Company…the way they advertised themselves on their site: Pop Physique
I was actually a bit disappointed my instructor wasn’t wearing shorts like that and didn’t have the kind of physique that actually popped. And can you really trust an aerobics instructor whose muscles seem less toned and smaller than yours? Yes, I’m sounding very superficial but these classes ARE superficial. So it’s appropriate to be so.

Don’t get me wrong…I respect exercise instructors of any kind. They work hard. And for most, it’s a labor of love. But for me, it made me feel cheap. Not so much like a dirty whore. But it was as if I wasn’t respecting my body…we were being worked out like machines. It was more about repetitions than form…and forget about how you’re feeling. “Feel the burn” and “no pain, no gain” are perfectly acceptable here.

The studio is beautiful and if you’re looking for just a workout and nothing else, then this is the class for you. We were led through some weight bearing exercises for the biceps, triceps and moved over to the ballet bar for some leg exercises, then abs with a ball between our thighs, and ended with some light stretching. It was a good overall body workout. It was very challenging. I realized how weak my legs were. But my arms and abs (mula bandha!) actually kept up quite nicely. The music was good for some of the mind-numbing repetitions but for the most part, it was so loud I could barely hear the instructor who was on one of those headsets.

The search is still on…


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