[Spiritual SoundBite] It’s Easy to Keep Moving…

“It’s easy to keep moving…it’s harder to stay still.” That was something Dena Kingsberg said last week when I practiced with her and my fellow Ashtangis every morning for 6 days. That one simple line resonated so much with me. We find things to distract ourselves from matters of the heart that need to be tended to. But because it’s too painful or stressful to come to face-to-face with, we avoid it and find things to do.

Another interpretation of this line is that I used to want more poses in my Ashtanga practice. It was my way of feeding my hungry ego and feeling not only rewarded by my teacher at the time but also feeling like I’ve accomplished something. Nowadays, I don’t want more. In fact, I’ve let go of a few postures and actually want to do less. Never did I think I’d want to do “less”. My motto was always, “Give me more! I can keep going! I need to go further!” This mentality came from needing to prove myself as being “good enough” after years of growing up and feeling like I had to be the best at everything I attempted to do. But these days, I know I’m “good enough.” I’m fine just the way I am. And so every morning, I meet myself on my mat, and instead of wanting to get anything “accomplished”, I find myself meditating upon my breath and going deeper within myself.

I hope you find time to stay still and enjoy it. To not feel guilty when you do it and to know that you deserve it πŸ™‚

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.


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