[Spiritual SoundBite] How To Live and Love Deeply

A few weeks ago, I wrote a SoundBite titled: A Secret Discovered: Yoga Your Way to a Sexy Relationship, where I drew similarities of my daily yoga practice to being in a life-long relationship. I’d like to expound on point #9: Subtle refinement (going deeper). Ever since I discovered all the subtleties to explore within my own body and breath, it has shown me that no matter how subtle the discovery is, it takes me deeper. And that is why my practice cannot get “old” or “boring” to me. I suppose another way of looking at it is: it’s a daily practice of being honest. In order to go deeper within myself, I have to be truthful with myself about where I’m at NOW. Not where I was yesterday or where I wish I was. It’s an honest look at the present situation without any judgment on it. Sometimes the hard part is surrendering and simply allowing the breath to help me expand and lengthen as opposed to using any force or will for a desired outcome. This is what my teachers would call “relaxed effort”. For example, it takes effort to structurally and muscularly hold a pose with integrity. But to go “deeper” into it, you need to relax. Otherwise, any kind of force the ego wants to impose will not only cause more tension but may also result in injury.

If you’re in a life-long relationship, you more or less “see” your partner on a daily basis. How do experience a deeper connection with him or her? If it’s a bit ho-hum, what idiosyncrasies can you discover to see and feel with a fresh perspective? Are you seeing them for who they are without any judgment? Are you making an effort to find new discoveries without causing yourself stress or forcing a situation or specific outcome?

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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