Ashtanga with Dena Kingsberg

I woke up at 5am this morning…groggy and sleepy. Begrudgingly, I got out of bed and thought to myself, “WHY did I agree to sign up for this week-long practice with Dena Kingsberg?!” I went to her workshop yesterday held at the old historic Hawyworth theatre on Wilshire near McArther Park. I liked the way she taught, she was funny, and there wasn’t any ego. She’s brutally honest and gets right to the point…my kinda woman.

So when Jodi (the organizer and an Ashtanga teacher) came up to me and told me there was still room in the week long practice with Dena at her studio, Shanti Shala, I took it as an opportunity re-presenting itself to me. I toyed with the idea of signing up to practice with Dena but decided to play it ‘safe’ when I realized I’d be on my cycle this week. But, it showed up again and I knew I had to say yes.

So I went this morning and it was fantastic. As we sat in anticipation of beginning our practice with Dena, I looked around the room and thought to myself, “So you’re all the crazy yogis willing to wake up at 5am or earlier to get here this week for practice.” We sat in 2 rows facing each other (about 16 of us) and gave Dena our name, how long we’ve practiced, what asan we’re up to, and any relevant injuries. Her husband Jack looks A LOT like Prem–the salt & pepper hair tied back in a pony tail along with their wise old-man beard. We were then led through some pranayama and the sahana vavatu mantra.

As we began our practice, I rejoiced being in a room full of dedicated practitioners. My self-practice at home is great but being in a room with people you know who are excited about their practice and who have shown up because they LOVE their practice is another thing. And as I move through my practice, their prana and energy also carry me through and vice versa. Our prana and practice unites us all and the room almost becomes as if it’s its own live and moving entity.

I’m so thankful for my practice!! 🙂


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