African Dancing Makes Me Feel Alive!!

I just took my first African dance class tonight at Heartbeat House in Atwater Village. I was actually excited about going to the 6:30pm cardio kickboxing class until I realized that I was crazy because I’m teaching during that time! So I noticed African Dance was listed after this class at 7:30. I decided to jet over there after teaching and barely made it in time to catch the warm up the teacher was leading the class the through. Doris has a cute and tiny dancer’s body with taught abs. Having her lead us through a routine we eventually dance throughout the class made me feel *ALIVE*! Unlike other dance classes I’ve attempted in the past in high school and a few years ago, I didn’t feel like I had 2 left feet. I enjoyed how liberating it was through its movements that required more intuition and feeling than technicality. It was quite refreshing. It wasn’t easy but her instructions and openness made it fun and at the same time challenging. I got pretty sweaty from all our “pumping” and “bumping”. Now I finally know what my booty was made for ๐Ÿ˜‰


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