[Spiritual SoundBite] A Secret Discovered: Yoga Your Way to a Sexy Relationship

“Do you still have your wedding dress?” That was a question I was asked by Rob, my photographer last week when he came up with the idea of shooting me in yoga poses while wearing some sort of fancy gown. Due to previous conversations he knew of my divorce and wondered if I still fit into it. I thought it was an interesting concept. Then he asked, “What would be your message though in doing yoga poses while wearing your wedding dress?” I got stumped.

Yes, what would I be conveying? I don’t know what I think about the institution of marriage any more. I’m quite baffled by it actually…mainly, its purpose. So what does yoga have anything to do with a life-long relationship? Somehow the question must have intrigued me because days later as I enjoyed a cup of espresso at my local Cuban bakery, I was inspired to make a list. I named it: “Daily Ashtanga Practice & Relationships”. And here are the parallels I drew between (my) yoga practice and what I would define as being in a good relationship:

1.      It’s a daily choice

2.      Just show up

3.      Joy

4.      There’s no goal but to JUST BE

5.      Consistency

6.      Commitment

7.      It’s a life-long practice and discipline

8.      “Feels” good

9.      Subtle refinement (going deeper)

10.   No ego (ego in check)

11.   Being honest (and being open to honesty)

12.   A reflection for one another

13.   Always there in time of need

14.   Acceptance (especially for where you’re at today)

15.   Presence

16.   Patience

17.   Ease

18.   Taking responsibility

This was quite an eye-opening discovery to say the least. If you have anything to add to this list or if you’re happily married, I’d love to hear from you 🙂
Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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