[Spiritual SoundBite] Be Selfish and Overflow!

It’s been a month since I’ve returned from Bali and I still feel so full. Inside, I feel full of spirit, love, energy, excitement, and an eagerness to give whatever I have. My teachers Prem and Radha always emphasize that we need to make sure our ojas (energy/chi/juice) is good so that we’re full and overflow with it. That way, whatever we give to others is from this overflow. There’s no feeling of lack or ‘not enough to go around’. You feel abundant and so the giving never ends.

I have a confession. This idea I just expounded made sense intellectually the first time I heard it. I thought, ‘ah, yes! I must make sure I’m filled with good ojas’. But as I recently discovered for myself, and an apparent point I got this time around, is that what you know intellectually is completely different than what you know from a FEELING standpoint. When you feel something, you intimately know it and your experience with whatever it is, is true for you. It’s what I would call an authentic experience. We’re living from our head too much rather than living from our entire Being. We’ve seemed to have separated our head from the rest of our body. So our head is full (of good and bad stuff) and our body is running on empty (physically, emotionally, spiritually).

The point about overflow was further validated in Intimacy by Osho where he says:

“Nobody can be unselfish except hypocrites…People are being told to help others, and they are empty within themselves. They are being told to love others-love your neighbors, love your enemies-and they are never told to love themselves. All the religions, directly or indirectly, are telling people to hate themselves. A person who hates himself cannot love anybody; he can only pretend.

The basic thing is to love yourself so totally that the love overflows you and reaches to others…the individual should be so happy, so blissful, so silent, so content that out of his state of fulfillment he starts sharing. He has so much, he is like a rain cloud-he has to shower.

But the whole structure should be changed. People should not be told to be altruistic. They are miserable-what can they do? They are blind-what can they do?…They can only give what they have. So people are giving misery, suffering, anguish, anxiety to everybody else who comes in contact with them. This is altruism? No, I would like everybody to be utterly selfish.”

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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