“Fuck, this is hard!”

Those were my words to myself this morning as I attempted the handstands my teacher added for me towards the end of my practice. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy doing my new routine of 5 urdvha danurasanas (backbends) followed by 2-3 handstands, and then 5 drop backs. It’s invigorating. After my handstands I’m so pumped up that I want to do The Incredible (she)Hulk pose.

yup...that's how I feel

Maybe I WILL do this after my handstands. Why not? But man, this is not to toot my own horn or to gain sympathy…it really is truly fucking hard! Us Ashtangis work hard every morning. There’s no easy way to go about it (I’ve tried) but I do love it. Stick with it long enough and you’ll see how it changes your life (and your body).


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