[Spiritual SoundBite] Spirit+Imagination=Manifestation

We are all such wonderful spirits and connected in ways that we don’t even know yet. Bali is so conducive in showing me this. I had a great time the other day, visiting my favorite shops in town. I befriended the shop owners of a jewelry/bead shop in Ubud on Honoman Street: Maya and Ketut. Maya handles the business and her husband Ketut is the artist. I’ve been hanging out with them at their shop and he’s been showing me how to make knots for bracelets and how to make a mala (108 beaded prayer necklace like a rosary). He says that if I’m a teacher, I must know how to make one and put my feeling and heart into it so I can make it for my students.

I consider him a true artist…he weaves his spirituality and utmost reverence to Spirit along with his imagination to manifest the beautiful creations he makes from his heart. If you receive a necklace or bracelet from him, you know it was truly made with his entire being. All the jewelry in the store is made with this amazing energy. He inferred to me that everything we do should be done in this manner. All of our actions are an offering to our Higher Power/God/whatever you’d like to call him/her/it. And the purpose behind it is to further the happiness of others. So every day when he prays in the morning he asks for guidance in doing this.

Many of the Balinese I’ve met often ask “Are you happy?”…instead of “How are you?” They also look you in the eye with genuine acknowledgement. Most are Hindu and sometimes you’ll be greeted with “Namaste” or even just the hands in a prayer position. When I receive this greeting, I feel a mutual respect and acknowledgement, as well as an understanding that we’re recognizing each other as True Spirit, Light, and Love.

Let us greet and acknowledge our coworkers, friends, family, and strangers with this reverence. True healing starts with small positive changes.

Balinese greeting along street

Balinese greeting along street ii

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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